Better to book a London escort than having a commitment

I did not expect that my girlfriend can betray me. After all, everything I did to her she still chose hurting me. I do not know what even lacks on me and leave me for another guy. It is just recently I realized that I should have to stop blaming myself because I will go crazy. Perhaps love was never wrong, but too much love to the wrong person was a big mistake. But thanks to my experience, I will be an extra careful next time to avoid being fooled by any people.

Perhaps I am the type of person that when I love someone, I will give more than what is asked for, without counting the cost. I don’t mind the money spend, but the happiness I can provide is more important. I grow up in a wealthy family in California. Our family is known all around the county because of our businesses. I heard about bad and scary stories from my brother; I thought he just made it up to scared me about love. We are only two siblings and very close to each other. He keeps reminding me to pick the right woman when the right time comes for me. His experience was terrible, we are a bit the same. He told me that he was once super in love with a woman to the point that he finance the family and relatives of the girl. According to him, when you love someone you will forget the money, all you want is honesty, time and attention. But his love blinded him and became his weakness. When the woman used him so much that made all her dreams came true, she decided to let go of my brother and told she was not happy anymore with him. It breaks his heart to the point that he almost lost himself. Good thing he finally found a wife that loves him for what he is.

The same situation happened to me; I thought I wouldn’t encounter such heartbreak. I met Mia, from all the woman I dated she is the only one I become crazy. She made me happy and always looked for her love. I can’t on a day without thinking of her, I courted and eventually become an official couple. I gave everything to her to make her happy.

I feel like I need more of her every day and when I found out she cheated on me, I am dismayed. To my devastation, I book a London escort that was an excellent choice. She made me happy and forgot about my past. For me, it is Better to book a London escort than having a commitment, for more info about these lovely escorts click here

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