How to bling up your wardrobe

Are you spending too much money on clothes? A couple of months ago, I realised that I needed to cut my clothes budget. I was simply spending too much money on clothes and I had to do something about. Like all of the other girls at West Kensington escorts I like shopping, but I am afraid I was going a bit over the top. By the end of the month, I did not have that much money left and that is when I decided to put the brakes on an stop shopping. I cut up my credit card and paid it off the following month.

I have so many clothes and I don’t use them all at West Kensington escorts. Some of them are even sitting in my wardrobe with the labels still on them. It is just too much, and this month I am going to clear my wardrobe and sell some of it at the local car boot sale. Hopefully I will be able to put some money back in my account, and I have decided that I am not going to spend so much money again. I have even come up with a couple of tips on how you can bling up your wardrobe.

When I have a moment, I love nothing better than doing a little bit of embroidery. Three weeks ago, I embroidered one of my denim jackets and ever since then, I have been getting some great comments on it. People even stop me in the street and ask me how I blinged up my jacket. A couple of people have even want to buy my jacket from me, but it is not for sale. However, I have started to embroider other clothes, and I am going to do some more before I go to the car boot sale. It could be that I am onto something.

If you would like to bling up your clothes, there are some easy things that you can use. Old buttons look great, and I have rather a collection now. It all started with a blouse that I did not want to get rid of, and I now wear the blouse at West Kensington escorts. That is how good I think that it looks. You can also go around second hand shops and pick up old jewelery. Old fake pearl necklaces are great for creating a bling look. Simply cut up the necklace and use all of the pearls instead. Sometimes it is a lot cheaper than to buy new ones.

Chinese coins can look bling as well. I have found a shop in China town which sells a lot of old coins, and I have blinged up some of my gear for West Kensington escorts. Looking at it now, it does actually look rather cool and the girls at West Kensington escorts think it looks cool as well. A couple of them would like me to do projects for them, and I think I might just do that. It is something really satisfying to be able to create your own stuff and I love it. As winter has arrived with a bang, this is the right time to spend to bling up your wardrobe before the spring and summer comes around again.

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