A sense of history

Peckham will always be associated with the Tower of London. This were the Kings and Queens of England used to imprison enemies of the state or traitors. Of course, there are no Peckham escorts in the Tower and the entire area is now a tourist attraction. Only the Wardens of the Tower, the Beefeaters live there with their families. It is perhaps one of the most popular tourist spots in London. Peckham itself is part of the London transport system and is crossed by more than 40,000 people every day. It is a fully operational bridge and it can be raised to allow for river traffic to pass underneath it.


You get a sense of history working for https://charlotteaction.org/peckham-escorts Peckham escorts says Nina from the agency. As soon as one of the front desk girls answer the phone, I get an image in my mind of the bridge and the Tower of London. It is just one of those things, I can’t help. Nina says that she has been working as a London escort for the last five years. She is originally from Poland but moved here to complete a degree at the Design College of London. She loved London so much that she stayed. Next year she should be finishing her degree and will be looking for another job in London.


Nina is probably not the only Peckham escorts who have worked there to earn some extra cash. A lot of girls around London work as escorts to pay off debt or get some extra cash whilst they are studying. Nina says that she knows lots of girls who have put themselves through various college courses whilst working as escorts. It is a really great way to come out of college without any debts she says. I would not want to live college with lots of debts.


Other foreign girls work as Peckham escorts as well. Many of them do so to earn money so they can send some money back home. Nina says that she knows girls from Brazil who save up and then send a large sum of money back. But, like Nina says, many girls from Eastern European countries do the same thing. Most of them never tell their families that they work as escorts, they tell their families they work as cocktail waitresses or lingerie models. Perhaps they are worried about what the families would think.


I think the general public would be a bit surprised if they discover how many foreign girls work for Peckham escorts and other escorts agencies in London, says Nina. The financial situation in many parts of Europe is still difficult and many people are having a hard time making ends meet. I think that a lot of these girls are just trying to help their families out and would like nothing better to go home sometimes, says Nina. Perhaps one day everything will change and many of the girls will go back home. Until then, I think that we will see many more foreign escorts in London, says Nina.

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