The Benefits of Eating for Your Libido

Does eating for your libido have other health benefits? I am always trying to talk my London escorts dates into eating healthier. They seem to be keen on the idea of eating for their libido, so I try to promote a libido boosting diet. It seems to work, and I would say that looking after their hearts, brains and prostates, is only of secondary importance to my gentlemen. I guess that we all think like that from time to time.


However, eating to improve your libido certainly has other health benefits as well. I often tell my gentlemen that they should focus on ditching the steak and eating salmon instead will seriously help to boost their performance. What they don’t know, or choose to ignore, is that the same food is really good for their heart as well. I think that if I were to tell them that salmon is good for their hearts, they would not eat it. Yes, I do use all of my resources to promote healthy eating to my dates at London escorts.


Excess alcohol is another problem which I frequently come across at London escorts. I do an awful lot of dinner dating and I have noticed that many of the gents do drink too much. Let me just tell you right away that it does not do anything for your libido at all. On top of that, it can cause serious harm to your prostate gland and that can also affect your libido. I have seen gents drink more than five glasses of wine per night,and perhaps even a cocktail before the meal starts. That is not good for you, and will certainly help you to perform.


What about creamy sauces? The truth is that a steak may not be so bad for you, but that creamy sauce that goes with it can start to clog up the arteries. I love eating steak myself, but instead of enjoy my steak with a  creamy sauce, I eat it with fresh vegetables. It tastes just as nice and I can enjoy with a nice glass of red wine. Since I have been doing a lot of dinner dating, I have noticed that the gents I date at London escorts have started to copy me.


What about dessert? You do have to be careful with dessert. Most desserts do contain a lot of sugar and even desserts that sound sweet and innocent are often full of sugar. For instance. Frozen yogurt may sound healthy but most of the time, it is far from healthy.  Once you have finished your meal, why not have a coffee instead? I know that fruit is low fat, but eating fruit after a big meal can indeed slow down your digestion.  Just another fact that most of the gents I meet on behalf of London escorts are not aware of when it comes down to keeping your libido healthy. There are so many different things you can do to improve both your libido and your general health, and none of them are complicated.




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