The date who asked me to come away on vacation with him is older than me.


This is the first time I have been asked by one of my dates at Ascot escorts to enjoy a holiday. Their partners have asked many of the other girls at Ascot escorts from if they would like to enjoy a holiday with them. It would be silly to say no. After all, what girl, or companion, does not enjoy a holiday. I love holidays, and there is nothing like slipping my bikini on to have a perfect time. You wait until you see me in my bikini.

The date who asked me to come away on vacation with him is older than me. Despite that, I love to spend time with him, and when he asked me if I fancied a week away from Ascot escorts to enjoy some Caribbean sunshine, I jumped at the chance. I even ran out and bought myself two new bikinis right away. If I could, I would have packed my bags right away, but I had to wait for another month.

Now I am on holiday in the Caribbean at this fantastic resort. We are having a great time, and I love every moment of my break. We enjoy breakfast late, and then we may out for a few drinks and have lunch. Just the sort of lazy holiday you enjoy after having worked hard at Ascot escorts all year. The only things are that my man likes a nap after lunch. It is not a problem, but on the first day, I did get a little bit bored.

What changed? Well, there are some fascinating people at this resort, and I have met what I call after lunch friend. When my man ha a nap, I sneak away to spend some time with him. He loves to play in the surf, and he is the best and most playful companion a girl can wish for. If you would like to play with my friend, I would not let you. He is mine all mine, and one of the most interesting friends that I have ever met on holiday.

He says that he finds me exciting as well, but I have not said a thing about Ascot escorts. I am sure that he is the sort of man who knows what escorting is all about, but this is not the time and place for it. On this holiday I am going to be a perfect girl. If I am an ideal girl, I am sure that there will be many more holidays where this holiday came from. It is so beautiful not have to pay for your holiday, and playing in the surf with my special lunchtime friend, only adds to the pleasure. Now, where is that air mattress and do I need to wear my bikini top? Not a lot of the other ladies do, and I am certainly

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