I hate the way London is beginning to look

At Paddington escorts of https://londonxcity.com/escorts/paddington-escorts/, I date rather a few foreign gents and one of them remarked that air pollution must be high in London. He was coming into land at London Heathrow when he noticed that they had actually descended through a layer of smog. Just like back home in Los Angeles he said to me with a little smile. I agree with him air pollution is pretty bad in London.

What can be done about? Most girls at Paddington escorts may not be so concerned about air pollution in London, but I certainly am very concerned, But there are plenty of things that you can do to improve air quality in London. Sure, all of the diesel vehicles need to come off the road, and we really need to check out other alternatives to fueling our cars, but at the same time, I do think that we should take a look at some of the other ideas that we could use.

Both at home, and at the flat I work out of for Paddington escorts, I have got window boxes. Did you know that if all Londoners had window boxes, the air quality in London would be a lot better? There are some plants that you can put into window boxes that clean the air much better than others. Some of the simplest things work, and there are even cacti that you can grow in London which know how to filter air through their leaves. It is amazing.

If you happen to have a balcony, you have no excuse not to make plants a part out of your life. At my Paddington escorts pad, I don’t have a balcony but I do have one back home in Greenwich. It is a rather large balcony and I love it. It is totally packed with plants and I think it is doing me some good. I love going out there when I have time and I do find that it is very good for me to look after my plants. It is like a little piece of heaven above Greenwich market like I say to my friends.

Not only that, but if you come across a bit of abandoned land in London, you can adopt it and plant it up. I have adopted a small piece of waste land in Greenwich, and with the council permission, I grow all sorts of things on it. The council has even put up a small fence with a gate so nobody but me can access it. When I have a weekend away from Paddington escorts and especially in the spring, I like to be out there. I have even had a couple of days where I have let kids in from the local school to help in my little garden. It is just cheer magic, and I love it. So, plant something green and help to save London from pollution. It can do wonders for you and the environment.

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