There comes in our life that we miss so much Christmas


We missed how does it feels like, if you are like me who had stop celebrating Christmas because of some personal issues then you would feel the same way. Every time I wanted to buy a Christmas tree, decorate my home, buy some gifts and more, the pain will slowly come back. Perhaps for four years had passed by I still did not overcome it.


Being an only child in the family, the only people I share my love and give me a genuine love are my parents, without them I do not know what life looks like. They show me the way and the right path to become who I am now. They had discipline me to the extent that I am brilliant and wise. But one thing I can’t control myself is my emotion. Though people look at me as strong and bold, deep inside I am weak and slow.


No year I have not remembered my parents, the pain, and the accident and tragic that happened to me. My parents and I lived in watford, a place I only feels like home but now a stranger to me. After the accident, I had decided to come to America to live there; I left our house and sometimes visited it. I didn’t rent it since I want to preserve the memories we had with my parents.


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